4 Ways to Avoid Plastic Chemicals in Your Food

4 Ways to Avoid Plastic Chemicals in Your Food

Storing, preparing or purchasing food in plastic containers has several health risks. Primarily when food is heated while in plastic containers or wrapped in plastic sheets can bring your food into contact with harmful chemicals. Such plastic containers or wraps usually have bisphenols and phthalates in them. They are proven to be endocrine disruptors. They have implications for several health concerns like diabetes, obesity and cancer.



Limit canned food and plastic containers


The highest exposure to our body to the toxic chemical BPA is towards canned food. BPA has been known to play a role in increasing the chances of male and female infertility, cancer and other metabolic disorders as well. Studies have shown that avoiding the use of plastic containers can bring down our exposure to BPA by 60% in a matter of days. Lead-free ceramics, glass and stainless steel are a few alternatives for plastic containers.


Avoid non-stick pans


When you are shopping for cookware make sure you choose to go for cast iron pans, stainless steel containers and enamel pots instead of the nonstick options. Nonstick cookware might seem convenient but they contain PFOA which is a toxic chemical that can be linked to several health issues.



Use Break-proof glass water bottles


These glass water bottles have a rubber coating in their exterior which make them break proof. Glass water bottles do not change the taste of water and makes them taste amazing. This can be a very good alternative for plastic water bottles.


Use stainless steel containers


Use stainless steel containers to carry food rather than plastic containers which can react to heat. Glass containers can also be a viable alternative but the fact is that most wide-mouthed glass containers are paired with a plastic lid.



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