4 Tips To Prevent Eye Strain

4 Tips To Prevent Eye Strain

Staring at your mobile or computer screens has turned out to be your all-day work these days. We agree it was no less before; still, the time you earlier spent on trips, daily commutations, and chit-chats with your colleagues has now been added up to your screen time. The vision of our future generations is also at stake, with the blooming online classes. It has become like we spend almost a majority of time with our e-friends than we do it with real-time pals. This has raised the chances of digital eye strain. There is no going back until the COVID-19 shuts down as there is no other fill-in for your teleworking, the need of the hour. Want to stick to your remote work but in a more protective way? Scroll down and know a few tips to avoid digital eye strain.


1) 20-20-20 Rule


What exactly is 20-20-20? Before you indulge deep into your imaginations, we will get it straight. The rule is as simple as looking away at a distance of about 20 feet every 20 minutes for 20 seconds. By following this rule, you are giving your eyes the needed break that can prevent eye strain.

2) Blink Often


Do you know you blink 15 to 20 times in a minute? But you would be pretty surprised by the results you get when you stare at a screen. Yes, it is almost half of the actual count. Does it really matter? Yes, blinking has much more things to do other than making you master your expressions. It keeps your eyes wet and prevents dry eyes, which, in turn, can lead to itching, redness, and irritation. When working on the harmful blue rays for a long time, try to blink your eyes often to keep them wet.

3) Use Computer Glasses


Not all are convenient with glasses. But if it is something demanding for your eyes protection, there is no wrong in taking it up. If asked, ‘I do not have vision problems. Do I still need glasses?’ We would still ask to get a computer glass that can block harmful blue light from your systems. Blue light causes eye fatigue and hinders sleep. Get a computer glass with the help of an ophthalmologist and use it during work or when you use electronic gadgets.

4) Keep the Monitor Far Away


One good thing about work-from-home is no one questions you about how you work. But that itself has become a bane. Keeping your systems too close to your eyes can hurt your eyes and cause eye strain. Make it a habit to place your system screen at about an arm’s length, dim your computer brightness, and keep it below eye level.

Digital eye strain has become a silent epidemic that many fail to address. We do not want a world where every person we face has glass on them. Therefore, keep eye strain at bay by following the simple tricks above.

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