2022 New Year Resolutions!

2022 New Year Resolutions!

We always want our first page legible and attractive in every new diary or notebook. These are more like the haiku of the book. Similarly, a new year marks the beginning of a new chapter of your life. If not the New year, when would be the best time to kick start a good resolution. Confused on what resolution to choose? Give a quick read of the resolutions we have piled up for you.


1) Prefer Stairs


Do you degrade climbing stairs to be a silly new year resolution? If you nod ‘yes’ for it, please eliminate this thought. With the COVID-19 pandemic, lifestyle has become more sedentary. Work-from-home has even halted the daily commute, and we are sticking to the system screen from dawn to dusk. Even though it is a rarity now, always take the stairs when you step out. This healthy choice of yours can turn out to be fruitful in the long run.

2) Read Books


Addiction to mobile phones has kept us away from books. Diving into a good book is a soulful exercise you can do to your mind. Not only does reading books keep you engaged, but also it enlightens you. Stop being couch potatoes and staring at your mobile screen all day. Instead, use your time reading books. Start filling your book racks!

3) Pack Your Bags


Been a long time since you got your backpacks ready for a trip? Yes, the pandemic might have curtailed you from your voyages. But, it is time to start one! Trips do not always mean you have to plan for long holidays; instead, you can plan for short trips at frequent intervals to keep your mind fresh. While planning so, make sure you have got your COVID vaccinations, follow the COVID preventive guidelines, and do not go to places with the risk of COVID transmission.

4) Save a Part of Your Income


Blaming your salary for not having savings is inappropriate. When you get your paycheck, keep a particular amount for savings even before planning your expenses. Please do not plan on keeping the leftover salary for savings, as it is impossible to accomplish.

5) Do Something for the Environment


New year resolutions are not always about you. As gratitude for our mother nature, it is needed to have resolutions that benefit the environment we live in. Learn how you can control environmental pollution. Every month make it a habit to plant at least a sapling, avoid wasting water, stick to electric vehicles, and try using public transportation.

Blindly sticking to resolutions without having an action plan will not work out. Plan for ways to accomplish your resolutions. Whatever the resolution, its success solely lies in your hands. Wishing you a happy and prosperous New year!

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