Article on iCliniq with the photo of our founder on the Front page(Page 1) of The Times of India on June 7th 2012. The name below the photo has been misprinted instead of Duruvak kumar

Written by Dr. Veena Madhankumar and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team

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Q: Please suggest some medicine or exercise to pronounce R words correctly.
First of all, I hope you consulted a speech therapist. Because he can help you correctly and quickly than you can do it by yourself. R sound of the retroflex is the sound where the tongue performs a vibrating motion to p... Read more »
Q: Is it normal to get sharp shooting chest pain with increased heart rate in a patient with AR?
Firstly it is a moderate to severe AR (aortic regurgitation) with normal heart function and normal LV dimension. So there is no significant damage to the heart. And also since you do not have symptoms of aortic regurgita... Read more »
Q: I am having pain in the scrotum. Is it torsion or detorsion?
Please let me know urine r/m (routine and microscopy) findings. If urine shows pus cells, kindly get a urine culture done. Please get a USG KUB and prostate (ultrasound of the urinary tract which includes kidney, ureter,... Read more »
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